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Nearchos House location

It is a traditional, well-preserved settlement, built amphitheatrically on the ruins of the classic city of Klima. Sightseeings include the ancient theatre, the christian catacombs and the scenic windmills.



Plaka is the capital of the island. Within a walking distance you can visit the Venetian castle, the archeological and the folklore museum. The health care centre is also located in Plaka.  



Adamas is the port of the island 5-7 mins away by car from Nearchos House. Bars, night clubs, restaurants and cafes make the port of Adamas the most busy place during the day and the night.


1,2 km

A traditional fishing village with multicolored two-storeyed houses in the natural concavities of the rocks. On the ground floor the fishermen’s boats were kept, whereas the families used to live on the top floor.

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Pollonia is a picturesque fishing village,built around a pretty creek on the northeast edge of the island. It was named after the temple of Apollo that existed in the area in the ancient times. 



The most photographed Aegean landscape. The volcanic eroded rocks’ white color and the intense reflection of the light create a landscape similar to the moon’s surface.



Most of the beaches are accessible within 3 - 15 km by car.

Other Points

Max distance from Nearchos House

  • Airport: 8km

  • Bank: 1km

  • Supermarket: 1km

  • Gas station: 1km

  • Bus station: 1km

  • Health centre: 1km

  • Restaurants, bars, cafes: 0-1km

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